Robert Aramayo Height

English actor, Robert Aramayo is perhaps best known for playing the epic roles of young Eddard Stark in the HBO series "Game of Thrones", and Elrond in the Amazon series "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power".

Robert Aramayo is a slight and slender man, and not that tall -- as it must be clear from just looking at him. Though for some reason, many websites on the internet list his height as 6 feet.

As far as we can tell this listing is arbitrary and there is no real source behind it.

Robert seems far shorter than that -- he didn't seem that much taller than a 5 feet 4 inches tall Morfydd Clark and looked far too shorter than Benjamin Walker (6'2") in Rings of Power. From what we have seen of Robert -- it seems that the best number to describe his height would be 5 feet 9 inches.

The height of Robert Aramayo is

5'9" or 175 cm

Robert Aramayo height comparison with Cate Blanchett and Morfydd Clark
Robert Aramayo with Galadriel through ages -- Cate Blanchett (5'8½") and Morfydd Clark (5'4")

For reference, here is the average human height around the world.

Country Male Female
Indonesia 5'4" 4'11"
India 5'5½" 5'½"
Mexico 5'6½" 5'1½"
China 5'6½" 5'1½"
Japan 5'7½" 5'2½"
Brazil 5'8" 5'3"
Russia 5'9" 5'3¾"
United States 5'9¼" 5'4"
United Kingdom 5'9½" 5'4¼"
Canada 5'10" 5'4½"
Australia 5'10" 5'4½"
Germany 5'10½" 5'5"
Sweden 5'11" 5'5½"
Netherlands 5'11½" 5'6"

Data was collected from official sources wherever possible. A more detailed chart can be found here.