Andy Murray Height

Great tennis player Andy Murray is a tall guy. He is average for a top tennis player though (the top 222 male tennis players have an average height of 6'2"). We think he is just slightly taller than Novak Djokovic, who in turn seems slightly taller than Roger Federer, who in turn is taller than Rafael Nadal, and so on. Andy himself once claimed to be 187.5 cm tall and he looks like it, so there isn't much of a mystery here.

The real height of Andy Murray is 6'2" or more accurately 187.5 cm

Dominic Thiem, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Cristiano Ronaldo, Maria Sharapova, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray Height Comparison
Dominic Thiem (6'0.25"), Rafael Nadal (6'0.25"), Roger Federer (6'1"), Cristiano Ronaldo (6'1"), Maria Sharapova (6'1.5"), Novak Djokovic (6'1.5"), and Andy Murray (6'2")

For reference, here is the average human height around the world - just for your pleasure.

Country Male Height Female Height
Indonesia 5'4"/163 cm 4'10.75"/149 cm
Bangladesh 5'4.25"/163 cm 4'11"/150 cm
Vietnam 5'4.5"/164 cm 4'11"/150 cm
India 5'5.25"/166 cm 5"/152 cm
Nigeria 5'6"/168 cm 5'1.5"/156 cm
China 5'6.5"/169 cm 5'1"/155 cm
Japan 5'7.5"/171 cm 5'2.25"/158 m
South Korea 5'7.5"/172 cm 5'2.25"/158 cm
Brazil 5'8.25"/173 cm 5'2.5"/159 cm
France 5'9"/175 cm 5'3.5"/161 m
Russia 5'9"/175 cm 5'3.5"/161 ccm
Spain 5'9.25"/176 cm 5'4"/162 cm
United States 5'9.25"/176 cm 5'4"/162 cm
England 5'9.5"/177 cm 5'4.25"/163 cm
Canada 5'9.5"/177 cm 5'4.25"/163 cm
Australia 5'10"/178 cm 5'4.5"/164 cm
Germany 5'10.5"/179 cm 5'4.5"/164 cm
Denmark 5'11"/180 cm 5'5.5"/166 cm
Finland 5'11"/180 cm 5'5.5"/166 cm
Sweden 5'11.25"/181 cm 5'6"/168 cm
Netherlands 5'11.25"/181.6 cm 5'6"/168 cm
Dinaric Alps 6"/183 cm 5'6.5"/169 cm
Nilotic people of South Sudan 6'3"/190 cm 5'10"/177 cm

Data painstakingly extracted more or less from Wikipedia and other less shady sources. Expect up to half an inch of discrepancy from real life.