Justin Gaethje Height

Justin Gaethje is a man of violence. In fact, he is the most violent lightweight fighter in the world - as he says himself. Is there any truth in those words? The answer is a formidable yes. 

Justin Gaethje is one of a kind of fighter, as MMA fans already know. He fights with such a reckless abandon that is rare in the sport. He knows no fear. Even MMA pundit Joe Rogan reckoned that in a sports which is known for violent men, Justin Gaethje just stands out.

Justin Gaethje's mother, Carolina Gaethje once told an interesting story about him which tells something about him. When he was just a two-year-old kid, a dog bit him, so what did he do? What do you reckon? He actually just went ahead, chased the dog, and bit him back in retaliation.

That is the kind of man he is, but the good news is - only in the octagon. Outside the octagon, he is the nicest man you will ever meet, who just wants to help at-risk teenagers. He even has a social service degree for that.

We just hope no teenager is foolish enough to piss him off in the future.

About Justin Gaethje’s height

Justin Gaethje is neither tall nor short, neither thin nor fat, he is a perfectly normal, unassuming sort of person. 

The kind of person you would assume would work for social services, not at all like the killer he really is. UFC lists him at a respectful 5’11”. But UFC often adds an inch to their fighters’ height. Maybe they measure the height with shoes still on. After looking at Justin, we think he is just a bit shorter than that.

The real height of Justin Gaethje is 5’10” (180 cm)

Justin Gaethje height comparison with other mma fighters
Justin Gaethje with Amanda Nunes (5'8"), Yoel Romero (5'9.5"), Sean O'Malley (5'10"), Paulo Costa (5'11.25"), Dominick Reyes (6'3.25") and Stefan Struve (6'11")

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