Daniel Cormier Height - How Tall is He Really?

Daniel Cormier aka DC is one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time - there is no doubt about it. He is even more impressive when we consider his size - DC is one of the shortest heavyweight fighters in UFC, along with Mark Hunt, yet he regularly beats and literally rag-dolls guys much taller than him. He has proved that height isn't such a big hurdle when it comes to martial arts - if you have the skills and physical and mental strength - which DC has an abundance of.

Daniel Cormier with Khabib, Cain Velasquez, Jon Jones, and Stipe Miocic
Daniel Cormier with his friends Khabib (5'9") and Cain Velasquez (6")
Below: Daniel Cormier with Jon Jones (6'3.75") and Stipe Miocic (6'4")

Before DC came into mixed martial arts though, he was a wrestler - an Olympic-level wrestler at that. Wrestling is something he is seriously good at, and he has been doing it for a long time. DC made his late entry in MMA at the age of 30, though he was not completely unfamiliar with combat sports, he was a wrestler for most of his life.

Skill-wise, DC can strike with the best of them all, out wrestle them, and his quickness is even more amazing, despite his appearance, which suggests a teddy bear, but in the octagon, DC fights more like a grizzly.

About Daniel Cormier's Height

This is especially impressive when you consider the fact that DC is short for a light heavyweight, for a heavyweight he is very short indeed, and yet the fighters mentioned above -  his opponents all are in the ballpark of 6’3” to 6’4”.

Daniel Cormier is around the height of Mike Tyson, so there must be something good about this height in combat sports as well, right? Even their reach is similar at 71 inches. Like Tyson, DC is listed at 5’11” as well. But we know that Mike Tyson isn't 5'11" in real life - don't we? 

UFC lists DC at 5'11". we are sure that’s a mistake - that’s not true really though. They deliberately increase their fighters’ height to make them look more formidable - as is the case with WWE, though in UFC it is not that extreme. DC himself claimed to be once 5’11”, once 5’10”, and once 5’9” well that’s not helpful, is it? Here at Brie all, we ask celebrities is to invent a number and stick with it so we can have a nice time dissecting that it.

We are tempted to use the last number in this case but DC is not that short either, even though he oftentimes looks like it. He is a beefy guy with lots of muscles inside a nice thick layer of fat, which can make people look shorter than they really are. After looking and comparing DC to a myriad of MMA fighters, like Cain Velasquez (6”), Khabib Nurmagomedov (5’9”), Derrick Lewis (6’2.5”), Stipe Miocic (6'3.5"), Jones Jones (6'4"), and some others we think DC is somewhere between 5’9” and 5’10”.

The real height of Daniel Cormier is 5'9.5" (176.5 cm)

Daniel Cormier height comparison with Demetrious Johnson, Conor Mcgregor, Cain Velasquez, Jon Jones, and Stefan Struve
Daniel Cormier height comparison with Demetrious Johnson (5'3"), Conor Mcgregor (5'8.5"), Cain Velasquez (6"), Jon Jones (6'3.75") and Stefan Struve (6'11")